Fairy Sightings
This page is devoted to "fairy sightings!"
Just a bit of whimsey to brighten your day!
Enjoy & have a fairy good thyme!
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Lush green moss in a shaded bower,
Will content a fairy hour upon hour.

The heart of a fairy is pure, sweet and true. And loves kindred spirits, Ones just like you.

A fairy sat on my windowsill,
Munching on a sprig of dill.

Fairy dancers, twirling, spinning.
Til night is gone and day's beginning.

The rains came and the toadstools popped.
Then the fairies danced until they dropped.

Fairies love brownies, cookies and cake.
Or any other treat you might want to bake!

I heard a fairy in the glen,
Playing a harp 'til half past ten.
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If you've never actually seen a fairy (few ever have!) you can still imagine such a thing.  They could be anywhere!  You just have to suspend your logical thinking briefly and let the moment and the possibilities transport you.  Come along with me as I look for them - those elusive, enchanting creatures!

Please note that all of these verses are mine and copyrighted.

Carla J. Nelson

I saw a fairy boy
On a throne - flower-laden.
Strumming a tender tune
To a swooning maiden.

I saw a sneaky fairy

Using Scillia flowers for cover.
What was she doing there?
Watching honeybees hover.

I saw a little fairy girl

Sitting on the garden gate wreath
And when I looked closer saw,
Shimmers of fairy dust underneath.

I spied a sleepy fairy,

Lounging on this little chair.
You may not want to believe me,
But I truly did see her there.

And as I watched from a distance
She stretched and daintily yawned.
But then I sneezed & startled her.
In a flash - that drowsy dear was gone.

I saw a fairy,
On a hidden, mossy bed
Taking a wee nap
Acorn pillow for his head.

I saw two

Hopscotching through leaves of gold.
It was the most enchanting sight
I ever did behold.

I saw a delighted fairy

With a red petunia bonnet.
She had found a fresh, white toadstool,
And was thrilled to sit upon it.

I saw a fairy napping
One fine Summer afternoon.
How wise that he was resting.
Revels would be starting soon.

I saw a fairy.

A wisp of pure delight!
Dancing near the wood,
Where the deer sleep at night.

I saw a fairy,

Sitting 'neath the trees.
Her gold curly head
Resting on her knees.

I saw a fairy

In a ring of green.
Trilling on her flute,
For the fairy queen.

I saw a fairy,

Crawling through the fronds,
Searching high and low,
For lost fairy wands.

I saw a fairy,

Brewing herbal tea.
She offered to share,
A wee cup with me.

I saw a fairy

Sitting in the grass,
Admiring herself,
In a looking glass.

I saw a fairy,

Tending her flowers.
She loves to garden.
For hours and hours.
The Tea Fairy and the Vanity Fairy above are the enchanting creations of gifted artist, James Browne.  They can be purchased from his website:  www.jamesbrowne.net

I saw a fairy,

Talking baby talk,
To five little chicks

Out taking a walk.
I saw a fairy,
In the apple tree.
Checking the blossoms.
Setting fruit for me!

I saw a fairy,

Taking a wee nap.
Where was she sleeping?
In a dandelion's lap.

I saw a fairy.

You'll never guess where.
At the Goodwill Store.
Reading to a bear!

I saw a fairy boy,

A flower in his lap.
Sitting midst the ferns.
Pondering a nap!

I saw a fairy,

In a lily "bed."
Resting peacefully.
Dewdrops 'round her head.

I saw a fairy.

Well, that's not quite right.
I found her sandals,
She forgot last night!

I saw a fairy

In a flow'ry nook.
Reading about US,
In a human book!

I saw a pert fairy,

On a brown, warty toad.
Down a country road.

I saw a fairy,

High above the ground.
Hanging by her toes!
She was upside down!

I saw a fairy,

Happily swinging.
When I listened closely,
I could hear her singing!

I saw a wee fairy babe.

She was sleeping in the buff,
In a tiny little bed of twigs,
On a pile of milkweed fluff.

I saw a fairy girl.

A charming sprite our Kenlie drew.
Imagination gave her form.
She named her Twixalee Sue.

I saw a snow fairy,

In the Christmas tree.
Hanging an ornament.
A gift from her to me.

Busy feeding the birds,

And what do you know.
Spied a shivering fairy couple,
Peeking at the snow.

I saw a fairy,

Dreaming lovely dreams
In a fancy slipper,
Of glitters and gleams.

I saw a fairy,

Waiting patiently.
With a plate of cookies,
To share with you and me!

I saw a fairy

On the first warm day,
Too impatient to wait
For the snow to melt away.

I saw a fairy,
But I'm so sorry to say.
I asked her for a sip of tea,
And frightened her away.

Note:  All photographs and verses on this page
 are my own (Carla J. Nelson) and copyrighted.