This website is the creation of Carla J. Nelson. You'll find enchanting Fairy Poems, Fairy Gardens, Fairy Recipes, Fairy Crafts and Claraya's Fairy Blog.
Join us here for a fairy good thyme. 

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Lush green moss in a shaded bower,
Will content a fairy hour upon hour.

The heart of a fairy is pure, sweet and true. And loves kindred spirits, Ones just like you.

A fairy sat on my windowsill,
Munching on a sprig of dill.

Fairy dancers, twirling, spinning.
Til night is gone and day's beginning.

The rains came and the toadstools popped.
Then the fairies danced until they dropped.

Fairies love brownies, cookies and cake.
Or any other treat you might want to bake!

I heard a fairy in the glen,
Playing a harp 'til half past ten.
One of the most delightful fairy stories you will ever read!!
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In the shade of ferns
He strummed her a tune
And sang a sweet song
T'would make any girl swoon!

Herb Gatherings was founded in 1993 by me, Carla J. Nelson, to promote herbal education and the enjoyment of fairies in the garden.  For seven years, I wrote and published Herb Gatherings, "The Newsletter For The Thymes", a bimonthly, twenty page journal, with subscribers all over the U.S. and fourteen foreign countries.  I have written and published five books devoted to herbs and fairy folklore and continue to pursue these fascinating topics.

Below is a picture of one of my fairy gardens.  It's easy to see how faery folk would be drawn to it!

I like a fairy

Light and airy.
Who's never scary,
Or contrary.
Who's never glare-y,
And won't harry,
My derriere-y,
If I tarry.
Yes, I like a fairy,
Whose faults are nary,
Who's sweet as strawberry,
Warming as sherry,
And always very,
Kind and merry.

Copyright:  Carla J. Nelson

A natural opening into a Faery Realm
In the late 1990's, wanting to fill the need for a national herb organization open to anyone interested in herbs, Herb Gatherings founded Herb Gatherings 2000.  Within two years of its founding, The Herb Society of America, voted to eliminate restrictions on membership in their venerable organization.  Having no desire to be in competition in any way, Herb Gatherings 2000 was disbanded. 

In 1997, Herb Gatherings, and Herb Gatherings 2000 organized and hosted its first and only, highly acclaimed national herb conference in West Lafayette, Indiana.  Attendees came from all over the United States for a fun-filled, educational event featuring a mix of noted herbal educators from around the country.